Capital Project Management

  • During the Specification Development we visit the clients facility, identify the needs and constraints and develop an equipment specification.
  • Too often the Vendor Selection is made by price alone. We look at the true life cycle costs throughout the life of the equipment. We have experience dealing with many equipment vendors and we will develop a clear comparative report identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each vendors proposal, including their installation methods and most important their after sales performance.
  • Most clients are busy enough running a business that is about to be disrupted by the new installation. They do not have the extra time for installation project management. We will perform that function, liase with the equipment vendor and other parties such as contractors and utilities to minimize any disruption to the existing business.
  • Once the installation is complete it is vital that the equipment is thoroughly tested during the commissioning phase before final payment is released. We will ensure that the new equipment has been 'pushed to all the limits' in order to reveal any deficiency.
  • Operator training usually takes place during the comissioning phase. We make sure that the client is fully trained including operators, supervisors and maintenance staff so that production will not be significantly compromised when problems occur. Problems always do occur in the first few months but it is how they are dealt with that is important.
  • We hope that there are no warranty claims but, if neccessary, we can work with the supplier to ensure that all outstanding items are throughouly addressed and action plans implemented before the warranty period ends
  • The QA (Quality Assurance) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) documents must be developed for the facility so that testing, maintenance and other items vital to consistent quality product can be carried out.