Contract Problem Resolution

We specialize in finding solutions to contract problems that occur during construction.

In particular glass related problems occurring between the glass supplier and/or fabricator and the glazing contractor. Our knowledge, experience and calm attitude can often produce a resolution at an early stage, minimizing cost and avoiding lengthy delays to the project.

All projects and problems are different but usually follow the 5 stages detailed below.

  • Specification and contract review. This will identify any discrepancies or omissions that exist in the existing documentation.
  • At the job site inspection we will gather the facts, talk to the parties involved, take photographs and write a detailed report.
  • Following the job site inspection we will perform a detailed project progress review and gather further information on how the project has progressed to date and flush out any hidden problems.
  • The next step is mediation. This will have been started in an informal way during the job site inspection. We will talk to the parties involved both separately and together to try and reach some common ground.
  • Expert Witness - we hope to never get to this stage as in most cases we can assist in the resolution process and avoid calling the lawyers. If we do get to this stage the detailed records we have kept during the earlier stages will simply this stage.